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We revoluTionize vaccine developmenT

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Time is a crucial issue in vaccine development. In order to save as many lives as possible, we want to realize a faster process for finding vaccine candidates, preferably reducing the time needed therefor from months to merely '48 hours'.

With our patented biomolecule copier, we are able to copy DNA of pathogens (e.g. virus, bacteria) in to a microarray. In a second copying step, taking place in a microfluidic chamber, we convert the DNA into a protein microarray, which displays all pathogen proteins. Subsequently, we add a drop of blood from a survivor of the given disease. Naturally, the survivor’s blood contains high amounts of protecting antibodies against the pathogen. Thus, these antibodies will bind to all proteins enabling immunity. Such proteins are potential vaccine candidates – found within '48 hours'.

We bring the vaccine candidate finding process to a new level, with faster analysis and higher coverage making us all prepared for the next outbreaks after Ebola (2015) and Zika (2016).


CorporaTe CulTure

Core values are part of a company’s DNA. They should be self-evident and within one's own heart and mind.


[in-teg-ri-tee] derives from the old Latin word "integritas" and even at that time it basically meant – to be whole - and as such authentic, to follow a righteous path of honesty, truthfulness and accuracy and having strong moral principles.

Integrity is the essence for being a trustworthy and responsible partner, employer, employee, colleague and customer. It is not always easy to follow this inner sense of wholeness and rightness, but we will not compromise these values for higher profits or to strengthen our market position. Therefore, at the end of the day, we can look into the mirror and wear a contented smile - knowing that we are still whole and hoping to be on the right way - for us and all others.


A fulfilling workplace to come to each day, one that excites employees, inspires them in creativity and offers them growth and development is the foundation of a pleasant and creative atmosphere. We embrace diversity and personal development, recognize and reward individual contributions to corporate values and achievements.

Employees benefit amongst others from inspiring working spaces, free drinks, food, snacks, flexible and family-friendly working arrangements. When you come and leave with a smile every day, we did it right.


We welcome mavericks, entrepreneurial mindsets, risk takers, change makers, tinkerers and everyone with passion, who does not seek a job but a calling. Combined with mindful leadership we encourage our team members to bring all their talents to work and to become truly engaged co-creators on our journey.

Conscious Capitalism

We believe that long term success can only be reached if a company’s performance is in balance with benefits for humans and the environment. A conscious business model is based on a triple bottom line combining the values people, planet and profit.

BioCopy, for instance, introduces stock shares for employees to provide them with special appreciation, rewards for suggestions to save resources and environment-friendly mobility. As a purpose-driven company we want to have a long-lasting impact and leave a legacy.


We are committed to excellence and high quality and support activities enhancing the intellectual and social competence of employees. This includes international conferences, internships to partners, team building events, lectures, personal and professional workshops. We are thriving for cutting edge technologies and breakthrough innovations. Our hierarchies are built on competence, not on title.

Team Spirit

BioCopy consists of a diverse team of different genders and education - engineers, biologists, physicists and businessmen. We promote an open and free exchange of views and ideas. Acting beyond one’s own scope of responsibilities as well as inspiring others to succeed and develop is appreciated.

A key component is to create an environment where teamwork can flourish through open, honest, regular and prompt communication. If you like to explore the end of the world with us, you are at the right place.


Dr. Günter Roth

CEO & Founder

Main inventor and sword fighter

Niko Bausch

CFO & Founder

Stefan Krämer


Copies biomolecules and loves to drink exquisite green tea

Johannes Wöhrle


Engineering from micro to macro during working & leisure time

Christine Reinemann

Scientific R&D

Thrilled by aptamers, yoga and knitting

Christin Rath

Scientific R&D & Founder

Measurement expert and fitness junkie

Normann Kilb

Scientific R&D

Has a passion for proteins – in the lab & kitchen

Tobias Herz

Scientific R&D

Copies proteins and likes Crossfit

Philipp A. Meyer

Technical R&D

A creative mind for music and science

You are the next!


Currently, we have the following open positions:

Date Position Details
 Software developer / Computer scientist
 (All genders) We are looking for a person to redesign, extend and improve the steering and analysis software of our biomolecule copier.
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You didn't find your dream position? Just tell us why we shouldn't go on without you! 

Simply send applications and CVs to:

Awards & PublicaTions


November 2015

Startinsland, Freiburg

1st price (green economy) for BioCopy

July 2015

RSC Emerging Technologies, London

BioCopy (alias immune2day) is within the TOP 10 of health technologies

July 2015

Startinsland, Freiburg

1st price (concept) & 1st price (green economy) for BioCopy

July 2015

CyberOne, Stuttgart

BioCopy is one of the 12 Finalists

June 2015

Elevator Pitch, Stuttgart

1st price in BW for immune2day

May 2015

Black Forest Venture Day, Freiburg

1st price for BioCopy (AptaSWIFT and immune2day)

May 2015

Elevator Pitch, Stuttgart

1st price regional for immune2day

March 2015

Elevator Pitch, Lahr

2nd price regional for AptaSWIFT

Feb 2015

Innovation Price, Freiburg

Price for immune2day

Jan 2015

Science4Life, Berlin

1 x “concept award” for AptaSWIFT

Dec 2014

Science4Life, Frankfurt

1 x “ideas award” for AptaSWIFT

Nov 2014

Startinsland, Freiburg

3rd Place with immune2day


Ideas competition BaWü, Stuttgart

1 x “Development price” to realize a Protein-Copier device


Ideas competition BaWü, Stuttgart

3 x “Evaluation price” with Protein-Kopierer, Gradienten-Stempel and Nanodry




Professionell begleitete Hightech-Ausgründungen als Königsweg.
Dr. Wolfgang Jost, Niko Bausch, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Arnolds,
Best Practice Technologietransfer Baden-Württemberg, Beispiele erfolgreicher Transfersysteme, BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, 26-33


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These are our partners of the first hour, which have been on our side even before BioCopy came to life.



BioCopy GmbH
Freiburg, Germany